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The Global Observatory provides timely analysis on peace and security issues by experts, journalists, and policymakers. It is published by the International Peace Institute.

The GO is headed by Jill Stoddard and Samir Ashraf. It is produced with assistance from Annie Schmidt and Andres Pena, among other IPI staff. You can reach us at go (at) ipinst (dot) org.

The GO was founded in 2011 by Francesco Mancini, Jill Stoddard, and Till Papenfuss. Marie O’Reilly and James Bowen are former editors. The website was redesigned in 2014 by illisible.net.

Write For Us

The Global Observatory is open to contributions from experts who wish to reach an engaged audience of policymakers, practitioners, and other professionals working in the field of peace and security. We welcome concise, insightful analyses on thematic or country-specific issues.

Articles published on the Global Observatory are distributed by the International Peace Institute and through the GO’s partner blog, ISN.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Samir Ashraf (ashraf at ipinst dot org).

In Pursuit of a Well-Informed Debate

The views expressed on the Global Observatory represent those of the authors and not necessarily those of the GO or the International Peace Institute.

The Global Observatory welcomes consideration of a wide range of perspectives in the pursuit of a well-informed debate on critical policies and issues in international affairs.

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The Global Observatory is a publication of the International Peace Institute, which has received high ratings from three leading charity watchdogs, Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, and Guidestar.

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